Why Discipleship?

Why Discipleship?                                                                                                          1.  Like a lifeguard who protects your life when swimming, discipleship serves to guard one's life from Satan's attacks. Good mentors keep themselves in relationship with other growing Christians. 2.  Its Biblical! It's a command, not an option.                                                                                     3.  It reinforces the truth of God's Word in one's life.                                                                         4.  It offers a safe place to deal with failure.                                                                                 5.  It produces the next generation of Christian leaders.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   If making disciples is imperative, we must understand what discipleship actually means (Matthew 4: 19):                                                                                                                   1.  It is an Invitation to enter into a relationship with Jesus and then to follow (obey) his teachings.   2.  Discipleship is intentionally creating relational environments which allows it to flourish. 3.  Discipleship is spiritually multiplying ourselves in other people’s lives.                                    

Making disciples is a challenge because it requires patience as described from the book of Mark:                                                                                                             1.  Sometimes the disciples struggled to realize who their mentor was (4:35-41).                       2.  They didn’t always understand what Jesus could do (5:30-43).                                                   3.  They failed to learn from previous miracles (feeding 5,000 in 6:41 and 4,000 in 8:1-10).           4.  The disciples had God’s power at their disposal but still failed to exorcise a spirit primarily because they lacked faith and prayer (9:14-29).                                                                             5.  They rebuked people for bringing children to their mentor (10:13-16).                                     6.  One of them betrayed Jesus to death (14:43-46).                                                                    7.  All of the disciples deserted Jesus when He was arrested (14:50).                                         8.  One of them denied being a mentee at all (14:66-72).                                                               9.  Our effectiveness is in direct proportion to our faith (Romans 12:3).

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