Mentoring Insights

The Importance of a Mentor                             

  • The mentor's goal is to teach out of her strengths while working on her weaknesses. As a result, growth occurs. That’s one reason to partner with a mentor. She can point out a mentee's weaknesses, challenging her to admit struggles, providing direction to resolve these issues, rejoicing with her when victory occurs, and showing love even when failure occurs. Everybody benefits when this ever-growing mentor continues to help move her mentee forward.          
  • A mentee doesn't need to be told what to do as much as how to do it. She needs equipping (Ephesians 4:12-16).
  • Beyond encouraging, a mentor teaches Christian disciplines and life skills. Encouragement without equipping might lead to restored hope, but seldom does it produce life transformation (becoming like Jesus) – the ultimate goal of mentoring.
  • Becoming like Jesus is defined as the process of sanctification or “a progressive work of God and man that makes us more and more free from sin and like Jesus in our actual lives.” Letting go of sin and becoming more like Jesus are two elements of this transformation.  
  • The best evidence of one's faith is best seen in his day-to-day living (James 2:17). 
  • A mentor doesn't always have to be older than his mentee. Investing in the lives of others requires only that he be at least one step ahead in some area in order to spiritually multiply it into the mentee's life. Whatever one's age, life experience, and/or Christian growth, each can be an effective tool for the mentor.
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